Russian guy pulls gun in road rage – May 2013

In Russia (Ekaterinburg) an angry russian driver flips out and pulls a gun in a road rage. We don’t know what happened before, but the angry driver was captured on dash camera cutting off a car in traffic, stopping and getting out with a gun in his hand and a knive.

The dash driver was very surprised by the Lada cutting him off.

“Екатеринбург, возле дома по ул.Советская, 25. Ехал никого не трогал… Малолетний гопник не с чего не с сего начал бычить на водителя, с пистолетом в руке и ножом. Потом он, этим ножом проткнул два колеса.”

But the leader of the attackers previously participated in the armed attack on a shop. He was arrested.

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